Sunday, August 9, 2009

Cartilage Floats...

Sandra Bullock starred in a movie called "Hope Floats." Did you see it? I'm not good at remembering specifics about movies. I just remember she was in it. So was Harry Connick. So was "Gloria"...Gena Rolands, I mean. I just googled that. Can you believe they actually remade "Gloria"? Why'd they do that? Anyway, the fact that I remember 3 of the actors from the movie is astounding. I also remember a particularly moving scene when the adorable daughter wants her daddy...none of this has ANYTHING to do with the fact that I have floating cartilage in my knee. It's just my blog title reminded me of the movie and I blogged my train of thought for you all.

Tomorrow morning I'm going for an MRI. The doctor seems to think I've got a piece of floating cartilage in my right knee. About 5-6x a day, without any warning or provocation, I get sent through the ceiling in agony because something (assume piece of floating cartilage) lands on a nerve in my knee. It's not the type of pain you can grab and rub and make feel better. It's the type of pain that decides how long it will last, how intense it will blast me, and when it will come back again. It feels a bit like what I assume electroshock might feel like. When I'm sleeping. When I'm walking. When I'm sitting. When I'm feeding babies. When I'm playing bass at my kitchen table with Nini and Cathy. Whenever it damn well feels like it. It lands. Right on a nerve. And I twitch, sometimes dramatically. Always with a vocal "ah" or "AHHH" or "AHHHH SHITTTTTTTTTT".

I will keep you posted on the results of tomorrow's MRI. In the meantime, I'm going to visualize hope floating in my knee instead of cartilage.



  1. Yes, mental imagery like that (hope instead of cartilage floating in the knee) might help with self-healing. Hope it goes well, Kristen!

  2. ironic, about ten seconds into my positive healing thought inspired by your post, I shot through the roof with a shock. I fear this may be out of the Dalai Lama's hands... ;)

  3. Aww geez... I know what it's like to have knee issues, Kristen. But, I've never had anything like that. Eeek! Good luck with everything.

    Now I feel bad about tweeting about the vlogs. You're busy enough as it is, now add the knee. Oy.

    Sending positive vibes to your patella.

  4. When I first started reading your blog, I thought, "oh yay." she likes Sandy Bullock. I did really say Oh Yay, btw. I find her amusing too. And Hope Floats was a great flick and then upon further scanning, my knee's recurring inflammation got inflamed again in reading the blog. So I completely completely understand. I have this pain morning, noon, and night. I wish I could send you more positive vibes but I'm afraid your shoot through the roof pain..will..ACTUALLY shoot you through the roof. So I will just keep my fingers crossed for you that you will be ok and the MRI goes well.

    Damn. My knee just shot through the roof for you. Sympathy pains. Arrrrrgh.

  5. Just wondering whether His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama can help, and how's Kristen's right knee doing, sending good thoughts her way, hoping for a quick healing or at least for not sending-through-the-roof pain.

  6. Hope it all turns out well.. maybe you should try PT dis wonders for my shoulder.. not sure if it would help but ya can ask

  7. There is nothing like something laying on a nerve. Spiritual, surgical, animal, mineral or whatever I hope the remedy comes to you soon.
    Take care.