Friday, July 31, 2009

The Surprise Announcement

Obviously I'm not going to spoil the surprise announcement here on my blog. You'll hear about it on Tuesday via Twitter and Facebook, which are both more fun than a blog anyway. At least Twitter is. Facebook I'm not so sure about. Facebook is fun for friends. I've reconnected with about 90% of my past, which is good...ish. More good than bad, amen. Does Facebook work for bands? I definitely don't have fun trying to maintain the page. It's always changing and I can never find what I need when I want to post something. So I make Nikki do it. ANNOYING. Especially for Nikki. Myspace is a much more user friendly atmosphere for bands. It just feels like nobody is really there anymore. Just annoying spam type people. How are you all using these various social networking sites? I'm very curious...

I tend to watch a little bit of children's TV these days, for no apparent reason. So I will give you 1 Blues Clue on the announcement. Hint: Pizza is involved.

Tweet you on Tuesday....and Facebook you too.



  1. myspace will always rule.


    FB bores the crap out of me. never quite got it. nice clue. i would have said "anchovies" but that's just me;-)

  2. Myspace is much better for bands. FB, I prefer for connecting with friends. I love twitter for random updates and news.

    I know where the special show is... but, I won't spoil the surprise. People will have to wait until Tuesday.


  3. Dezignqueen - anchovies is a way better clue. you're right. I'm always in a rush these days. My clue reflects that.

    I guess we'll just have to come up with a new surprise for Amanda. Maybe we'll surprise her with anchovies on her pizza?

  4. Kristen, when you started MySpace, I initially followed for a reason that I now find Twitter more suited to. But I evolved on my own since then and I'm there only for music-related reasons. So, I agree: I too find it more suitable for artists. But it takes too much of my limited time already. I don't think it's a good idea that I do FaceBook as well. My son is already there. He's a sophomore @ Cooper Union (on his scholarship and I pay support).

    Maybe it's better that, dad doesn't go on FaceBook to see what son does there, right, Kristen? Just wait till the babies reach their teens and let me know if I, MySpace, FaceBook, Twitter and what not are still around :)

  5. Oh don't beat yerself up:-). You've got so much on your pizza plate. Oh damn, I did it again. As for me, can I have a new surprise of mushrooms on mine? Cuz I dig mushrooms:)

  6. Oh please, no anchovies! Ew. Find another way to surprise me. Or just don't. That's works.

  7. i'm never on myspace anymore, unless i need to grab some old photos to move to facebook :-)
    as far as groups and/or band pages go, myspace clobbers facebook, although i think facebook has the potential to make theirs better. or maybe we all have the potential to understand it better, hmmm.
    twitter is definitely the quickest and easiest way to get your message out there, quick notes, quick pics, FUN.
    no matter where you go, your fans/friends will be there.

  8. i agree with Jeannie when it comes to Twitter. Not ALL of us have left MS by the way.But for up to the minute info, def. Twitter is the way. However..i wish just for a sec..just for a moment...we can have more than 140 characters, lol. Maybe 160? That works for me. Those extra 20 characters can assist in my making or breaking my opinions of the frivolous and the weird. And the WTF:-)