Monday, July 13, 2009

Out with the old....

So, I bought a bass guitar. I really struggled with the decision to buy it. I figured I must know someone who can lend me one while I explore whether or not this will be something I do in the long term (be a bass player). And sure enough, I did find a few people who had bass guitars. They just weren't Fender J Basses, like the one I wanted. I researched it. Basses. And I got obsessively meticulous. I went to guitar stores and played them. All of them. And the Fender J Basses felt right. So right, they made me feel like I wanted to become a long term real life bass player. So I made a deal in my head. I will buy my own Fender J Bass, but I will SELL one of my Fender electric guitars in order to do so. And that's exactly what I haven't done yet.

You see, when my dream Fender J Bass became available on eBay BEFORE I sold my Fender Esquire Reissue, I figured fine. I'll buy the bass. And then I'll sell the Esquire. But it was 4th of July week, and who's really looking to buy a guitar on eBay during the 4th of July? So now the week is over. And today I snapped open my '59 Fender Esquire Custom Shop Reissue to take photos of it to put it up on eBay. But it's just so...heavenly. I mean, what a GREAT guitar. How can I sell that one? What am I thinking? It was my go to guitar for "Buying Bridges" when we were touring. It just sounded SO good with a little chorus pedal. Just the right amount of scratch in the rhythm part, and when I kicked it in with the over drive pedal for the closing dual solo with Sibby, oh how we'd sore together. It bounced off the back of the arena walls in Chicago when we opened for The Stones. Which got me to thinking! We opened for THE STONES!!! How could I ever get rid of THAT guitar? I can't bare which guitar do I sell?

Maybe I should sell my Martin M3SC. That's the Shawn Colvin signature model. For any of you that know me, well, you know what that guitar could possibly mean to me. I bought it with money from our record deal advance. It was like a dream to even HAVE money from a real record deal advance! Now I'm contemplating selling off that very same guitar I bought with the money from my record deal advance? Who does that?

And only a fool would sell a '67 Fender Tele. I mean. That's not even an option. I could buy 25 Fender J Basses with what I SHOULD get for a '67 Tele. It's not even the same market. Or the '78 Tele for that matter. I could probably get 10 J Basses for that. And you certainly can't expect me to sell my '52 Tele Reissue that is my PRIMARY electric guitar through thick and thin. It's the Springsteen look a like. The one I PLAY.

Obvi. NOT selling the 1964 suburst Gibson J-45. I mean. That's not happenin'.

And you didn't just ask about my Buck Owens' Harmony acoustics. NO.

So anyway. This gets me back to my original dilemma. What to sell...what to sell...I can't just BUY guitars ad infinitum. I just googled ad infinitum and I'm using it correctly here. My primary job currently is raising MY OWN babies. So that's not very lucrative. I mean, rewarding - certainly. If dirty diapers paid for guitars, I'd be in business. Unfortunately, that's just not the case.

So let me go take the photos of the '59 Fender Custom Shop Esquire. And maybe I'll sell it. Because if I'm going to play bass, I do need a bass cabinet too...and I CANNOT imagine selling my Vox AC 30 amplifier to offset the cost of a new Ampeg Bass Cabinet....!

ps-I gave up trying to figure out how to layout the photos on this post. Before babies, I held myself to a much higher standard. Now, I strive for DONE.


  1. Part of me thinks you shouldn't sell ANY EQUIPMENT whatsoever. You're toooo attached. Before your real life kiddies, THEY were your kiddies. Although I completely get the whole out with the old in with the new..I also thought I could get rid of my over 2000 yes, I said it, 2000 cds..But I can't seem to sell my Jane Child out of print cd. So I can absolutely get what you're saying. I say..just flip a coin. And rip it a band aid. Heads you sell, tales you don't. Don't think about it. Just do it.

    But what do I know? I can't bear to part with my also out of date Nu Shooz cd as well.

  2. Kristen, whenever I have sold something like that (for me, its golf clubs...and yes, one can be sentimental about golf clubs), I have regreted it.

    Hope you can find a way around it!


  3. I say sell the one you got with the record deal money. Since you ended up leaving them anyway.

    Love your blogs. Keep em coming!

  4. What ErgoGal said but make the golf clubs a music-related item for me too, instead.

  5. Aw Kristen this breaks my heart. Please don't sell her, don't sell anybody. One day you can lay that Esquire in Thomas' hands and say, "your mama played this when we opened for The Stones" and he's going to say, "who?" but that's beside the point. I'm with ergogal on this one, I'm afraid you will regret it.
    There has got to be a way. My wheels are wash...bake show circuit...Lifetime movie...endorsement deal with Ampeg.
    See? Free cabs!

  6. I collected records. (Remember records?), Way back when, I sold three of mine back to Titus Oakes Record Exchange to get one new one... That was some time in the late 70's. I can still tell you the artists/titles of all three of the ones I sold, but can't tell you which one I got in return.

    As others have said, you'll probably regret selling, no matter which one you choose to part with.

    If you can swing it financially & whatnot, I'd suggest holding on to all your stringed friends. (If not, the band-aid approach prolly is best... Just pick one, and try not to look back... ...not too much, anyway)

    And one day, you may be posting "And then there's my very first bass, the Fender J... There's no WAY I can sell that one, after all that we've been through together..."

  7. I am definately not the one to encourage selling stuff...I can't even bring myself to get rid of some of my old teaching stuff. Here I am having not taught for 3 years, almost through with school for the next career, and I still have some of it. I did manage to cut down on duplicate items finally (you know, boxes of photocopies...)