Tuesday, July 21, 2009

New Name for My Blog

I've tweeted it out to the universe, and I must admit I got some very creative suggestions for what I should rename this very blog. As tweeted, I think 'Kristen Henderson of Antigone Rising' feels a bit clunky, lacks spunk and originality, and doesn't give me any room to stretch my blogging prowess into other arenas, like say exersaucer reviews, or which Baby Einstein DVD is truly the best, or how I'm going to make Lizzy pull out the dishwasher tomorrow to get the dead mouse I suspect is back there.

There are two suggestions in particular that stood out from all the tweets received and I would like to acknowledge them here. The first came in from Chuck, long time friend/fan of the band. His suggestion was 'Antigone Blogging.' Just the thought of it makes me laugh. I picture Antigone alone in the cave about to tie the noose around her neck, but wait...one more blog before she goes.

I believe many of you can guess who the second suggestion came in from. I would like to point out this was the favorite of both Sarah & Lizzy over our Ruby Tuesday Welcome Home Dinner.

Keep the suggestions pouring in...

Until tomorrow.


  1. The old timers use to nickname you Smiley.

    Smiley's Blog? But it has to be your choice.

    Above, you sign Hendo. Hendo's Blog? It has to be something that defines you. You're multitalented, you're a born leader, you're a mother. All these show natural skills.

    Skillsten's Blog?

  2. We loved calling ya Smiley, lol. Or MC Smiles a lot.

    I'm glad you used the Hendo name:-) Keep Hendo Alive!!

  3. So close...so close...

    My birthday is August 17th and I think you should change it to 'KRISTENREALLYHEARTSCOURTNEYNOTSARAH' for the day.

    In the meantime, I am going to try to pawn it off on Kristen Hall.