Friday, July 24, 2009

The Mouse Behind the Dishwasher

The other day we found mice droppings in the kitchen. I think even for anyone with a sane mind, finding mice droppings is disturbing. So I want you to imagine what it did to me - woman who sees at least a few minutes of every hour every night for the past 7 months (last 2 months of pregnancy aren't exactly restful....). The thought of adding to my daily duties "kill mice intruders" seemed exasperatingly overwhelming. I mean, obviously capturing them humanely in the state I'm in would demand FAR too much focus and attention. Of which I have neither. My days of 3 hour meditations are long long long long gone sadly. I don't even have time to listen to a Pema Chodron book tape these days people. This blog right now is happening during a hormone blackout. Trust me. I won't remember it happened. I digress...

Good news came in the form of a paralyzing stench from behind the dishwasher. Scratch off list "mouse trap." Add to list "call neighbor Mike and beg him to remove dead mouse from behind dishwasher." Last night we saw neighbor Mike and explained our latest "only females live in this house" dilemma (we can't put Thomas to work just yet). Turns out Mike doesn't do mice. He jumps up on chairs. And for the record, he doesn't do spiders either. So now we've got a real problem on our hands.

Back in 1996, I had an apartment in New York City warmly nestled above a bar called Henrietta Hudson's. Aside from it's obvious unbeatable geographical location, it was, how shall I say this, INFESTED with mice. Steve, my upstairs neighbor, would come down nightly to remove the trappings of the day - often times humanely. At the time, I used to sleep at night and humanely capturing unwanted intruders didn't overwhelm me so much. I Facebooked Steve, who now lives in Nyack, and he said he'd be happy to help out with the latest mouse haunting I'm experiencing. How's the fall look? DAMN! I mean, yes, I'm glad we'll get to visit. But that stench, well, by fall...

My Dad asked, "are you sure it's a dead mouse? Cause I think you'd smell it under the sink or when you opened the stove...."

Excellent point Frank Hendo. Excellent point. @lizbrooks and I are going to chase this mystery down hopefully at the next dual twin nap. This morning's dual twin nap is officially coming to an end (insert screaming Thomas). If it is a dead little stinky mouse, maybe we'll post a photo...if it isn't, at least I get to see my old neighbor Steve in the fall.


  1. The landlady reacts like Gladys Kravitz (who was calling her husband Abner for help when she was noticing something suspicious across the door in Samantha's house) in "Bewitched" when she sees one upstairs. As for me, I never experienced this until they left the house's doors wide open for renovations, so things like that crept in as well. The classic trap didn't work for me, though. Or maybe I just didn't set it up properly. What worked for me, however, was the "stick [glue] trap".

  2. I do enjoy your long blogs. But who am I? They are entertaining to say the least. Whew. Glad that got out. I tend to agree with your dad. I think you would have been bowled over by the smell in opening oven door. I remember my mom telling me of a story where there were dead mice in the water pipes of a kitchen of my folks' neighbors yeaaars ago. Before I was born even. And they couldn't locate the WHAT was causing the stench. Not to scare you. Shitaki, i'm sorry. If it was me, I would be constantly thinking about it. I kinda have OCD when it comes to events like that. Over. And over. So I can only imagine how you are. I hope you and Lizzy got to the bottom of it.

    PS-I demolish spiders in my sleep. Close yer eyes and pulverize them. Picture them with the face of yer worst enemy. Then Hendo Handle it.

  3. very well written. ughh I am trying to figure out how to get a dead mouse from behind the dishwasher. I slate tiled it in and it won't budge. i have 1 mouse a year and i recognize the smell cat maims them, doesn't kill them..