Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Hangin' with Hendo!

I'd like to thank 'A Trifling Matter' for the divine inspiration tweeted in my direction. I feel 10 lbs. lighter with my new blog name. Which reminds me. I need to lose the last 10 lbs. of baby weight...any inspirational tweets for that?



  1. Insofar I can remember correctly, you used to do gym before. Now, you will probably loose those lbs. just naturally, with so much effort you make and keeping yourself so active: the babies, the bass and everything else.

  2. Can't help you there, I'm stuffing my face with chocolate as I type. I do love the blog name, and I'm anxious to hear about the dead mouse. You can't include that kind of gory tidbit and not follow up.

  3. I have a daughter who just turned one last week. Even with carting her 20+ lbs around when I'm not chasing her across the room, I haven't lost the last of the baby weight. Maybe you'll have better luck since you have TWO to keep up with. p.s. Everyone tells you how fast time flies between age 0 & age 1 - speaking from recent experience, you won't believe it till you get here, which will happen seemingly overnight. Hang on and enjoy!!

  4. Hey Hendo.I really like the new blog title.Why didn't I think of that????

    In terms of losing weight can you afford to hire Jackie Warner?????She'd get you to shed those few pounds if she didn't kill you in the process.:)

    Seriously,just start an exercise program that consists of some sort of aerobic activity that you enjoy along with a program of light weight training.If you are consistent with the exercise program and eat healthy food in smaller portions,you will lose the weight.

    You can do it "Hendo",I know you can.
    All the best,Phyl

  5. Lorraine, will definitely keep you up to date on the mystery mouse behind the dishwasher. Read latest blog...

    Millisa - the first year is WHIZZING by! Isn't it amazing? And I am carting 2 around - one of them already over 20lbs., but the last few pounds are clinging to me for dear life!

    Phyl - I prefer Jillian over Jackie, but will take either.