Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Trying to get hip to Twitter while juggling Twins

is not easy.

But everyone I know can't believe I'm not tweeting. I've just been in a hormone haze is all. And this Twitter took a few minutes to catch on. A few years back I was talking to an internet promo company about it and I meant to get the band up and running then. Give me 'til week's end and I'll have the band up and tweeting...

The babies are trying to kill me.

I just want to say that because, though I don't think they do it intentionally, I think they may be trying to kill me. If you don't have children (or even if you do), you should definitely thank your parents for having you. They gave up everything for you. Trust me. I don't even understand tweeting because of these babies, and anyone who knows me finds this SHOCKING.

I have really good news that I'm announcing here first! So if you read my blog, you're getting the pre announcement before I announce it on the site...and I'll tweet about it once I figure out tweeting. I GOT A BOOK DEAL! HAH! Did you know I wanted one? Me either! I guess people find the story of how I started my family an interesting one, so I am co-authoring a book with my partner Sarah for Simon and Schuster (actually, Free Press, an imprint of Simon and Schuster). It will be out in March, 2011!

OK. I am now balancing a teething Katie (4 months old today, btw) in my lap so blogging has become dangerous. And Tucker is BARKING at the front door and is bound to wake up Thomas. So I gotta fly.

But we're doing some dates so I'll blog about those later today or tomorrow! And tweets are coming....very ironically, Katie tweeted right after I typed that!

; )


  1. Yo Hendo- there's nothing to get about Twitter. It's simple and pretty darn useful. Sweat it not. My handle is @mitchellgoldman. Follow me. Lot's of love to you, S and the kiddies.

  2. I have been avoiding Twitter like the plague. I can't even manage to update my blogs, which are in need of much attention.

    Congrats on the book deal! That's awesome. Looking forward to the upcoming shows.

    Annie (yes I'm going with Annie since that is what everyone calls me anyway ;) )

  3. You're doing great with Twitter and the kids! Although, that idea of Tony babysitting was slightly're call, though!

  4. Hi Kristen.Great that you are blogging again.Very excited about your upcoming shows.Congrats on the babies and the new bass and the book deal.I don't think that you should sell any of your guitars.I think they hold alot of good memories and that you should keep them all.I just play guitar as a hobby and I own 8 electrics and I can't part with any of them.It must be harder for you as a professional musician to decide which guitar to sell.I think you should keep them all!Take care,Phyl

  5. Hey-read your blog-I was searching the web for an M3SC and it came up on google. I've been looking for one of those for a while-since I saw Shawn at the rams head-I liked her tone and am tired of the size of my Martin dreadnought. What's cool is I saw you at Rams head too and loved your band too-bought your CD! Anyway-I'm not rich but love Martins-If you want that in loving hands my email is wife will kill me but the connection is cool with you & Shawn-you can visit us in Va Beach! Keep rockin!

  6. One more album for Thomas to fall asleep on, after I read today's tweets: David Gilmour "On An Island". It puts even parents to sleep :D